Meet Sew&Tell

Sew&Tell’s brand consists of handcrafted sewn and quilted goods, including a wide range of women’s bags and purses, kitchen and home decor, and travel accessories.

Bright, colourful fabrics with a boho-vibe are the focal point of many of the pieces we create, while also bringing a modern edge to traditionally quilted goods.

With each item proudly created for Sew&Tell, only the highest quality of fabrics and materials are used, and sewn together with the utmost care and attention to detail. Each order is personally hand-packaged with bright and cheerful mailing supplies, waiting eagerly to be sent off and begin its journey into sharing its handmade-love with you!



Meet Sarah

 I have always had a strong passion for simply making and creating, whether it has been through drawing and painting, photography, paper-crafts, or in my more recent life, quilting and sewing.

Through the opening of Sew&Tell in 2013, I've found the perfect outlet to be able to share this love for making, creativity, and design with others. What started out as an entrepreneurial adventure during my summer break from university, has now flourished into one of my biggest pride & joys.

My background is in Architecture and for 4½ years following university, I worked as a Graduate Architect for a corporate firm. Alongside my full-time job, Sew&Tell was ran during the early mornings, lunch breaks, evenings, and weekends. But as my own business continued to grow, it became clearer each day that it was time for me to make a shift. In July of 2021 I finally made the plunge to become a full-time entrepreneur, and I feel extremely lucky to do what I truly love each & every day!

I work out of my home studio in Regina, SK, Canada, which is itself filled with bright & cozy quilts, a touch of artistic whimsy, and many vintage treasures. On a daily basis, you can be sure to find me sewing up new products, taking photos, shipping orders, or prepping for our next local market!

Want to chat? Send me an email at hello@sewandtellhandmade.ca!